Mining Adventures – The Controller

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On Mining Adventures – The Controller, developed for PC, you are part of a mining operation, being responsible for managing a truck in a virtual environment with the main objective of achieving a production goal as fast as you can. Your mission demands attention when it comes to the quality of the material extracted and caution with the life span of the equipments used. You will feel inside of a real mine not only with the necessity of making decisions related to loading and tipping but also with the high quality graphics and realistic elements!

During the game you collect materials which will support you in the management of the truck – products from Startmine family -, receive guidance from the Operations Manager and save money to buy items for sale on Devex Store. These will help you to achieve your goal by giving information about tire wear, vehicle integrity, soil monitoring and others.

Mining Adventure is an AdverGame made for Devex company as a way to show a mine simulation where you can test your knowledge and learn how Startmine system – oriented to management and optimization of mining operations – may help you there. With an easy gameplay mode, The Controller is the ideal game for who wants to meet the daily routine work of a mine.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 32 bit

Windows 7 64 bit

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